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2017, Lithuania, France
16mm black & white film, 6:16 min.

There are themes and periods, which during the unconquerable process of time are dispersed into periphery. These lumps of oblivion tend to transform into water castles - rocky immovable organisms with encircling water around it. The castle builds its own territory, trajectories and tactics it can be hardly reachable, isolated or even dangerous to enter. By escaping obnoxious, unpleasant memories unwished content get to be pushed away towards the lakes of unconscious.

‘Water Castle’' employs scratched and decayed Russian analog film, its footage has been taken during a period of field work around Paris and Vilnius city peripheries, mainly focusing on contemporary Afro-French communities and Russian origin youth from Naujininkai. Peripheries of these cities seem to form separate and unique systems, revolving around a collective sense of rootlessness – exclusion from within the center. The detachment from the center (a foreign pervasive entity), leaves one only to hold onto the sense of shared foreignness.

Screened at:
  • Contemporary Art Center, ,,Doesn't Have to be as Ever'', Vilnius, 2017
  • Il Caminetto, Hamburg, 2018,
  • Experimental film festival Process, Riga, 2018 
  • Cinema Camp Imperfect Cinema, Salos, 2018
  • Experimental film festival Suspaustas Laikas, Nida, 2019
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