super 16mm, black and white, 2020-2022, ongoing project

Director: Eglė Razumaitė
DOP: Nojus Drąsutis
Coordinator: Natalija Butylkina
Sound director: Jonas Parfionov
Set designer: Emilis Šeputis
Camera assistant: Ignas Stankus
Actors: Nathan Taylor-Marriott, Jonas Meškauskas,

Asta Galbougienė, Žana Antanaitytė, Agnė Žamblauskė


            Villages like people, are born and die with their pain, quietly carried by time.


            Constant occupation of Lithuania's lands has taken not only many people's lives, but also the foundations of our nationality - relics of folk culture. Lithuanians are currently witnessing process in which a generation that suffered the devastation of World War II, period of interwar independent Lithuania, repeated occupations of bolshevik Russia and nazi Germany, are slowly leaving our ranks. Material folk heritage can be found almost only in an unnatural environment - museums, heritage of the time that is gone or almost gone after the village landscape and organization was destroyed by finally scratched socialism. It is increasingly difficult to experience stories of almost hundred year old people, which are able to express and show the folk heritage of everyday life, that created the basis and helped to preserve Lithuanianness from evanescence.

            In order to understand a person's personality, one has to go to where he was born and raised, and the localities always bring with them the reality of things, but what happens when neither the smoky huts nor the protecting farmsteads poplars stand there no more and the centuries-old elders, who saw it their eyes or heard their grandparents telling, are retreating into the depths of eternal oblivion while the desire to return to native land leads to a trampling of humanity...


JCDecaux Award 2021: Spaces

09. 17. - 10. 31.

SPECIAL MENTION to EGLĖ RAZUMAITĖ for her work ‘Radical Tolerance’