16 mm, 2020 - on going project
Director: Eglė Razumaitė
DOP: Nojus Drąsutis
Actors: Nathan Taylor-Marriott, Kasparas Lucevičius, Andrius Veslov, Jonas Meškauskas


The film is based on semi-documental characters and delves into the analysis of one’s attachment to a specific place of origin.

It’s concepts stem from lithuanian philosopher Arvydas Šliogeris’ whom developed a branch of metaphysics self named ‘’philotopy’’, which deals with the love of a place and is deeply connected to the loss of motherland. For A. Šliogeris it is permanent state that began with russification and SSRS cities development in Lithuania.


Docu-fiction film ,,Origin Record'' invites the spectator into a small village of Lithuania - Alionys, located roughly 30 km from the capital Vilnius and dates back into the XVIII-th. century, although local people tell tales of the village existing before the XVIII-th. century. An old man is sleeping in his armchair whilst dreaming of possible menace. A young man wakes him up, he was sent by the administration of Pravieniškės correction house - open prison colony, to serve the remainder of his sentence aiding the old sick man taking care of his collapsing farm. The old man doesn’t know that the helper is in trouble and he got into a fight with some gang from Vilnius. He stole a gun from a respected drug-dealer, who is trying to hunt him down. The only thing the young one desires is to return home of England. This idea keeps him thinking about committing another crime against the man he just met. If the old man would be dead, he would get free to go to his motherland, he begins constructing a coffin. Meanwhile the gang is on his tail.

The very first action of this docu-fiction film was made with the help of Lithuanian council for culture.